Greater Houston Youth Mentoring Community


Below is a list of possible objectives for 2019 GHMA. We want your input. If you believe anything should be added or deleted let us know. Also, if you think the order of priority should change please let us know. Once we have your input we’ll submit to the Steering Committee to vote. Please note the Steering Committee is hear to support and represent your voice, so we welcome all feedback. We request that if you have any feedback you send it to us by April 5th. If you would like to get more information and discuss further please let us know. The email to contact us at is

Fiscal Agent

There is a plan for GHMA to become a nonprofit as part of becoming an Affiliate of the National Mentoring Partnership. Until then we will look to obtain a fiscal agent on behalf of GHMA. If you know of an organization that may be a good candidate please contact us

Marketing Strategy

We have a draft Marketing Strategy. The strategy is focused on how does GHMA help the youth mentoring organizations recruit and retain mentors as well as provide learning and collaborative experiences for the alliance members. KEY- the Marketing Strategy is FOCUSED on the members of the ALLIANCE not GHMA

Monthly Community Meetings/Training

City Wide Mentor Match (several events or one event) – Mentor Recruiting

Become an Affiliate of the National Mentoring Partnership

Phase 1 Transportation Plan

Prepare 1-year anniversary of GHMA Celebration

Prepare for January National Mentor Month

Prepare for Mentor Awards Event (Possibly join with National Mentoring Month or GHMA 1-year anniversary

We believe in the power of collaboration. We aim to continue to have monthly meetings, but please know we are looking at alternatives that can facilitate collaboration and greater value to the alliance members.

This aligns with the Marketing Strategy. The objective is focusing on mentor recruiting and retention.

We have spoken about this goal from the beginning. Achieving this goal will give the youth mentoring organizations in the Greater Houston area access to best practices as well as funding. A feasibility study is a requirement as part of becoming an Affiliate.

We understand that there are transportation challenges as it relates to transporting youth to the amazing youth programs in the Greater Houston. Our aim is to provide a solution. We’re Houston one of the biggest cities and we’ve put a man on the moon. We’re up for the challenge.

In September we will celebrate 1 year of hosting collaborative events. We want to celebrate by adding value to the youth and the organizations impacting their lives. More to Come later.

January 2020 will be National Mentoring Month. This will be an opportunity to leverage what’s going on Nationally to recruit mentors and create a greater awareness of the importance of youth mentoring. In order to make this happen we’ll need to plan in advance.

We aim to have a Mentor Award in the Greater Houston to recognize those who have done great work in this area. By doing this we can also leverage the opportunity to create greater awareness of the importance of youth mentoring.